How to Set Up and Use Android Auto in a 2021 Honda

April 5th, 2021 by

Connecting an Android Auto compatible phone to the display audio on your Honda lets you enjoy many of the smartphone’s functions through the vehicle’s touchscreen, without having to touch the phone.

And select models let you make the connection wirelessly.  Here’s how it is done.


        Making the connection:

  • First, if you have Android 9 or below, you will need to download the Android Auto app from Google Play to the phone.  Otherwise, the app is built in.


  • With the vehicle parked, touch the “HOME” button on the display audio.


  • Select “Smart Phone Connection.”


  • Touch “Connect New Device.”


  • Follow the directions to pair your phone. When you first use Android Auto, a consent screen will appear before enabling.  After agreeing to the terms and conditions, touch “YES” on the display audio.  A tutorial will appear on the display.


  • Complete the tutorial before driving and using Android Auto.


  • Now an Android Auto icon will appear on the display audio home screen.


  • Touch the icon to go to Android Auto.



Using Google Assistant:



  • To engage it, just say “Hey Google.” Or press and hold the top button on the steering wheel until the system responds.


  • Google Assistant will now remain engaged until you press the top button again.


  • You can ask Google to make phone calls, send messages, get directions via Google Maps, play music on YouTube Music , manage tasks, and more.


  • Touch the “HOME” button to return to the display audio home screen. Note that models with a built-in navigation system cannot use that system at the same time as Google Maps is engaged.


  • In addition, in vehicles equipped with the Wi-Fi hotspot capability, the smart phone will have to be connected to the vehicle by cable, to the USB smartphone audio interface, in order to use Android Auto and the hotspot at the same time. Just before to make the connection before turning the ignition on.
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